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  1. Great video mate!
  2. HELLO VANIC! I'm proud to say, that after tremendous amounts of effort put in by all of the staff team (Especially Genesis) we are proud to bring to you; Vanic V2. With this release will come a different approach to adding updates, we will be purely community driven meaning that we are solely reliant on your FEEDBACK. Bare in mind that we are still in BETA as we will only use this time to focus solely on patching bugs and making the game play as smooth and enjoyable as possible for all of you. With that said, let me introduce you to some of the features that you will come across - Prestige system (Prestige up to 5 times) with the ability to toggle stat change colours in your client settings menu. Player profile system (Allow you to create your own profile, as well as search friends profiles as well) Lots of shops (we have at least 20-30 different shops to offer you a variety of items, with point systems as well) 50 + pets (custom pets designed by our team to add that magic touch) Iron man and Ultimate Iron man modes Achievement cape added with skillcape emote and requirements Maxed capes and skiller maxed capes added Many many more.. Members Benefits Access to the dream tree (high level woodcutting) Access to higher level thieving stalls with more rewarding loots Access to Skeletal Wyverns for better bones, drops, and slayer experience Many many more.. Please regard that their could be a few bugs but we have assured that nothing will majorly effect you. The Vanic team officially ensures all of YOU that after this update neither of you will ever encounter a reset again, this I can promise you. If you could all kindly post any bugs and/or suggestions via the correct category on the forum it would be much appreciated. Please download the latest client -> Cache problem? Please delete anything else related to vanic as this will be a completely new cache. The cache will be in your windows/user/theVanic1 If problems persist, contact support! Kind regards, Vanic Administration
  3. Hello guys, I want to start off by apologizing on behalf of the Vanic administration for the lack of updates you guys received over the past few weeks. This update has taken quite a lot of time as Genesis had to re-write allot of our systems to make them work more efficiently. With this update, don't expect too much content as the main focus was to change the overall feel of the client itself. In saying that, their will be numerous bugs that will follow this update but they will all be patched ASAP. From now on you guys can expect at least 3-4 updates a week while the team works hard on getting everything as user friendly and smooth as possible. Here's what you can expect - Client overhaul (check the client settings and overall look) Shop prices are now drawn live from RSwiki (the prices but x10) New OSRS raids Items (these will be released later with the raids maps and minigame) Boss tasks will now give 50 points per task Slayer tasks have been reduced to a smaller amount Barrows and furnace as well as other objects should now be functional Upon reaching a 99 you will receive a mystery box This is only the structure to what we have planned for Vanic, I can promise you all over the next few weeks you will see some drastic but amazing changes take place. Regards, Vanic Administration
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestions, I will be implementing all of these. For now, I'll leave this in the pending state as we have quite a few things to attend to as a priority. However, I can assure you that while reading these I enjoyed every one of them, so I'll do my best to get them all implemented with a few extra things :)
  5. We're just waiting on the maps for Raids as we're going to implement the complete raids dungeon There will be some nice benefits for donators that give them exclusive access to new item loots (raids weapons/armour). Also, the dummy idea is accepted
  6. Accepted, thank you for your suggestion.
  7. Thank you for this, will be added.
  8. Hello! Welcome to Vanic, I'll be sure to see you in game very soon with our biggest update!
  9. Thank you for the suggestions. Would you be a let to elaborate on your last one though
  10. Taken into consideration, thanks Logic.
  11. Were currently thinking of systems to implement to stop this
  12. Thank you so much for the input I will be putting 90% of that in
  13. Hello! Welcome to Vanic Karolis
  14. GFX

    That my friend, is called a double post
  15. Hello guys, We're about to get started on the donator area for Vanic. Apart from everything you see in your typical donator area, is their anything in particular you guys would like to see added?