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Fri, 24 Feb 2017 19:07:03 + - *URGENT* please read

Dear Vanic players. As many of you are aware we are currently still in Beta and very soon will be moving away from that and into full release where our advertising will finally begin.


As it stands, the average player in-game have powerful gear , huge cash stacks and more. This in our view is unfair on the new players joining as we have patched a lot of ways to make the money or obtain the items easily. For the sake of new players we are sorry to inform you that all items, levels, cash and points will be reset. This is in order to make the economy fresh  and give all new players the same chance as us older players.


We understand this may be frustrating to some of you but to repent our veteran players will receive an untradable demon mask with identical stats to a helm of neitiznot. 


As for donators, you will receive the in-game donar credits equivalent to how much you have donated.


Kind Regards, 

The Administration Team

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 20:22:07 + - Member of the month competition - February


We are happy to announce that the public voting is now open to the community of Vanic to only choose one member of the month.
We have done a private vote between the staff of Vanic and have came to a conclusion of the following members.

Nominated for being the most active within the community of Vanic

Janez Pk

Nominated for being supportive within the community of Vanic

4rpxk5.pngDonald trump

Nominated for being the most dedicated within Vanic


Note: Any nominees of this Members of the month CANNOT ask for votes, if this is found upon please screenshot and report then we can disqualify them from the competition immediately.


Fri, 03 Feb 2017 02:04:38 + - Overall Look & Feel Changes??

Hello guys,

I need you suggestions and input on the following ideas

  • Adding new character models (opposed to osrs)
  • Adding new item models (opposed to osrs, or with the possibility of both)
  • Adding a new gameframe (I think 508 would suit best)

In addition to this we will be removing the following 

  • Player profile tab
  • Credits tab

Thoughts and suggestions please?