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  1. maxed pure
  2. Donation: 1. Noun - something that is given to a charity, especially a sum of money: I get that you guys expect shit when you donate, but just know that you're lucky to be receiving anything for a "donation" and like i said, if you choose to quit because the server is TEMPORARILY down, then you wasted your own money.
  3. It's not a waste of money. You do realize it is called a DONATION which typically you get nothing for. It may be a waste to YOU if you decide to quit when a catastrophe happens.
  4. Congratulations to Owner of KFC, and I know he will do well as Server Support!
  5. So is there any actual estimate on when you guys are actually going to put the server back online? At least some version of it?
  6. This is by far the most important suggestion present. Not only does it give your players piece of mind, but it shows the you guys truly care about the players and what they think. You can assume that people will wait and stick around, while we get told "a few more hours" numerous times, but that assumption is what is going to cause a loss of players.
  7. Congrats you two! I know you both will do great in your positions!
  8. Along side
  9. GFX

    Got Josh's done, time to do NOKA's next!
  10. Yo i love you bro already, and I'm defs just posting to say I love you
  11. So is mine, gg vanic for now!
  13. GFX

    Made a few more, one for Owner Of KFC, and one for Zack!
  14. Yoooo its supposed to be transparent, let me fix that for you lol. Right click this image - > copy image address (or image location) - > paste in your signature with [ img] in front of the link (remove the space between "[" and "img") and [/ img] behind it (with no space between / and img)!