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  2. Just wondering if everyone is voting still with the server down, i am
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  5. No Friend ^ ;P
  6. "Donation" on a RSPS or really any other games that has this sort of system isn't a real donation. You are paying for in-game ranks or items. They may be called donations because back in the old rsps days people would actually donate money to servers but these days there is an inherit understanding that when you 'donate' you get stuff for it, you are essentially buying in-game currency. So yes, when you donate to a server and it goes down, not to mention goes down for an extended period of time with no warning and very little updates for the players who are waiting for it to come online, then yes it can easily be seen as a waste. It's like if you pay for a 1 month Gym membership and then it closes down for renovations. This situation sucks; I think the owners a great at coding but lack a little bit in their forum posting skills Lewis, please take the stuff you put on discord and post it to the forums, the players would love that, most players wont even go on discord, let alone see those pictures. We don't expect the server to be fixed in a day, but it is always nice to see that some progress is being made. But like I said, you guys are great and i can't wait for the server to come back online
  7. How will this work? Half of my levels were just at the 13m exp mark, but a lot of them (Gathering, Combat, Slayer etc) ranged from 20m to 60m. Also, Can we get a new eta on the server being back up, I think a a moment has passed Thanks for getting back to us.
  8. Just saw we don't get levels back.. Kinda sucks to see that this almost benefits those players who just did PvM and didn't skill at all (since unique items will be refunded). 5 Days play time down the hole :')
  9. Thank you for letting us know. But what about ironmen, where every little item is necessary for us. For instance, my skilling tab that had like 5000 items in it, will i get any of those back?
  10. Just a quick suggestion for the owners; As we have seen from this recent launch of the new client, players really need some immediate updates from the staff on the situation. Even if it is just that they are working on it. Players need to see a description of the issue, who is working to fix it and an eta on when the issue is most likely to be resolved or a lot of players will simply move on. I've played a lot of servers that even shut down this way, they just stop hosting the client and become inactive on the forums, and a lot of players may be thinking that this is whats going on right now. We just need some staff interaction here to calm us down and assure us that the server will be back soon, this benefits all of us. Thank you.
  11. Hey.. uhh, I'm Logic and I'm totally not posting this just so that Jake can reply to it for post count.
  12. I support this idea, useful for skilling
  13. Skill balancing: Some skills need some major balancing as they are either a lot harder than their partner skills or just harder than everything else. These skills are Cooking, Hunter and runecrafting. And before you start saying that these are just harder skills, at times cooking can be only 10% of the experience gained for catching it, a baby impling gives 800 experience and a dragon impling gives 5000 so there is very little increase over time and runecrafting is just runecrafting, it's bloody awful, these skills should get a buff / balance. Agility: More courses need to be added, especially the normal (non rooftop) courses because rooftops do not count towards achievements. Slayer: Tasks are far to big and most takes have nothing good to hunt for as a drop. Tasks need to be shortened and slayer creatures need to get some serious loot buffs. Most of them are just on the 'i have to drop table' drop table of noted herbs rarely. Boss slayer tasks should give boss slayer points with their own store. Hunter: Opening impling jars shouldn't destroy them or at least only destroy a small amount of them. Impling jar loot tables should be modified so that skilling can actually make money. Skilling: Skilling points and a skill point store should be added, i assume this needs no explaining. Crashed star, this 'minigame' should be added along with a chance to get the inferno adze from completing it. Skilling should be more profitable, you could make skilling supplys sell for a nice price in general stores or something more interesting such as a small amount of cash added to your bank after every skilling action. Ie - "As you chop the magic log you feel 5000 coins flow into your bank" <-- Play with this idea. Fix agility shortcuts and make run energy deplete, this gives agility a use. Farming herbs should give noted and inflated herbs, possibly like 30 per patch. Buff angler fish so fishers can make some extra money Do something with thieving please, it's a corner stone of rsps money making. Remove the zenyte jewelry crafter, players should have to do this themselves. That is all for now
  14. Alrighty, as a very big fan of playing an ironman i'll give some suggestions. Stores: Food: This store should contain sharks or atleast monkfish. Most people will say that part of being an ironman is getting your own food and stuff but on a private server an ironman is about getting your own drops and training your own skills. Having high level food for ironmen is essential for a long lasting account. Potions: Similar to having food, potions are also essential. However this should be limited to expensive super sets and prayer potions just to allow ironmen to access most areas of pvm. Things like brews and super combat potions should be available to only those ironmen who make them themselves. Melee Armour: Ironmen should have a limited access to armours, possibly only up to mithril for reasons i will link back to later. Melee Weapons: Similar to armour, weapons should also be limited to mithril or even something like 'sir owens blade', a common ironman only weapon. Runes: No limitation on runes at all, forcing ironmen to craft their own runes would be a huge mistake. Magic Weapons: Only normal staffs (air earth water fire) Magic armour: Only low level armour such as ghostly. Range Ammo: All arrows up to adamant and adamant bolts should be available. Range Weapons: All short bows up to yew and adamant crossbow should be available. Range armour: Normal leather, studded leather and green d'hide should be available. Skilling: All skilling tools are a must. Feathers, fishing bait, compost, rune essence, impling jars, water vials, all herblore secondarys, bronze pickaxe and bronze axe. PVM: Common training monsters such as rockcrabs should have medium level gear added to their drop tables such as adamant armour and weapons, red dhide and mystic staffs/robes. On top of this, each combat style should have a dedicated training zone. What i mean by this is a place where you can train and get decent melee gear etc just like elves are with range gear at the moment. Ie. Elves drops ranger boots, robin hat, ranger tunic etc. Earth warriors drop torso, dragon boots and something else drops infinity robes and ancient staff. Also in regards to updating drop tables, bosses and high tier slayer monsters should drops noted skilling supplys just like barrelchest does at the moment. Bosses need something extra so that you don't get 1 coin 5 kills in a row, this makes pvm very disappointing. BOSSES: Barrel chest: Honestly this boss seems fine for me, his drops and drop rates are reasonable. Callisto: Tyranical ring needs to be 1 in 256 atleast, Dragon pickaxe to 1:128, Increase the amount of noted gems and dragon leather dropped. Always drops dragon bones and 25-50k cash. Cerberus: Pretty fine as i can see, maybe some bones dropped every kill too. Chaos elemental: Increase dragon pickaxe to 1 in 126, add some noted bars, logs or herbs to the common drop table, increase the minimum amount of cash to 100k because chaos ele is bullshit Chaos fanatic: Increase wards to atleast 1:126, add noted skilling supplys to common drop table and increase amount of cash per kill. Corporeal beast: Remove blessed spirit shield drop all together, decrease spirit shield and holy elixir to 1 in 126. Add more skilling supplys to common drop table and increase the max amount of coins per kill. Crazy Archaeologist: Increase wards and fedora to 1 in 126, add more skilling supplys to the common drop table. Dagannoth kings: Remove the prayer books, add noted skilling supplys. Add seer cull and mud battle staff (1 in 126) Demonic Gorilla: Increase light frame to 1 in 126, increase minimum and maximum coin drop. Godwars: More skilling supplys, make hilts rarer than armour and godwars shards 1 in 126. Giant mole: Increase crystal hally to 1 in 126, make the hides and claws noted, increase coin drops, add more skilling supplys. (possibly change the claws and hides with bird nests) King Black dragon: Increase dragon pickaxe to 1 in 126, add more skilling supplys and increase cash drops. Kraken: Add tentical to the drop table 1 in 126, make jar of dirt 1 in 126, Increase minimum cash drops. Lizardman Shamen: Increase cash drops, add more skilling supplys, add shazien armour 1 in 126 or 1 in 50. Venenatis: Increase dragon pickaxe to 1 in 126, both of the rings to 1 in 256. Add skilling supplys and increase cash drops. Vet'ion: No clue, can't find his drop table. Do the same as venenatis Thermonuclear smoke devil: Increae dragon chainbody to 1 in 126, add skilling supplys and add minimum cash drop.
  15. Let's see Skilling - Magic and red wood trees (probably just the bark portion you actually chop to save some room) All mining rocks as yeti described (possibly with a chance to instantly smelt the ore into bars) High tier fishing spots (sharks, angler fish and dark crabs) Slayer dungeon containing all slayer monsters and some unique monsters or bosses only for donators A farming patch next to a bank A hunter area with lucky implings if you can get a hold of that data A thieving area with a unique stall (for level 99) that gives some decent profit A high tier agility coarse (80+ agility) Some high tier runecrafting altars close to banks A lit gilded altar for a bit of bonus prayer xp Misc- A teleporter that can take you to places such as the top floor of the slayer tower and any other hard to reach places. npc that heals, restores prayer and restores spec. Stores- Higher tier combat stores (ie dragon darts and dragon e bolts in the ranger store etc) High tier consumables and potion stores. High tier skilling stores.