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  1. Short server review after the new release please subscribe like + comment! Have video suggestions let me know - Kyle
  2. a
  3. Sweet
  4. Today is Thursday he said it should be up on the weekend and think of all the updates they did when server was down . To me it's worth the wait
  5. Slow friend
  6. Thanks everyone 😘 I will do my best
  7. Boom goes the dynamite 🙂😊
  8. When is it back on?
  9. I feel as if this down time caused people to quit and move on of course with so much down time this is only natural but I would like to see it back up assp
  10. I thank all of you ❤️
  11. I'm not suprised she got it 😏
  12. probably a good thing tho as server is mad fucked right now lol
  13. my account is nulled gg
  14. Whats Download link?
  15. The 99 skillcape thing is so cool 😏 I'm happy to see barrows is now working with the stairs and such sweet !!!