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Skill balancing:

Some skills need some major balancing as they are either a lot harder than their partner skills or just harder than everything else. These skills are Cooking, Hunter and runecrafting. And before you start saying that these are just harder skills, at times cooking can be only 10% of the experience gained for catching it, a baby impling gives 800 experience and a dragon impling gives 5000 so there is very little increase over time and runecrafting is just runecrafting, it's bloody awful, these skills should get a buff / balance.


More courses need to be added, especially the normal (non rooftop) courses because rooftops do not count towards achievements. 


Tasks are far to big and most takes have nothing good to hunt for as a drop. Tasks need to be shortened and slayer creatures need to get some serious loot buffs. Most of them are just on the 'i have to drop table' drop table of noted herbs rarely. 

Boss slayer tasks should give boss slayer points with their own store.


Opening impling jars shouldn't destroy them or at least only destroy a small amount of them.

Impling jar loot tables should be modified so that skilling can actually make money.


Skilling points and a skill point store should be added, i assume this needs no explaining.

Crashed star, this 'minigame' should be added along with a chance to get the inferno adze from completing it.

Skilling should be more profitable, you could make skilling supplys sell for a nice price in general stores or something more interesting such as a small amount of cash added to your bank after every skilling action. Ie - "As you chop the magic log you feel 5000 coins flow into your bank" <-- Play with this idea.

Fix agility shortcuts and make run energy deplete, this gives agility a use.

Farming herbs should give noted and inflated herbs, possibly like 30 per patch.

Buff angler fish so fishers can make some extra money

Do something with thieving please, it's a corner stone of rsps money making.

Remove the zenyte jewelry crafter, players should have to do this themselves. 


That is all for now :P


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Thank you very much for your suggestions, I will be implementing all of these. For now, I'll leave this in the pending state as we have quite a few things to attend to as a priority. However, I can assure you that while reading these I enjoyed every one of them, so I'll do my best to get them all implemented with a few extra things :)


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