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Donation perks & how to donate

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How to Donate to Vanic and the reward system

How to donate

The only current way to donate at the moment is manually through one of the Administrators which are currently; Lewis, Josh & Zack. The only current methods of payment we are taking is through Paypal and Paysafe. This is temporary until we get a system up and running then it will all be done automatically throughout the site and transferred to your account in-game. The minimum donation amount is $10 which will give you 100's of perks in-game and on the site. 

Donator perks & rewards

Full access to the server Donator zone which is filled with many different activities and skilling methods such as the following;

  • New way to train woodcutting with red wood logs and various other trees in the location, this also gives you access to purchase the 3rd age axe.
  • New mining area and Dragonite mining & smelting which is in development.
  • Unique fishing zone featuring various fishing methods.
  • Thieving methods is made with ease with closer banking.
  • Access to the donor bosses; Demonic gorillas, Lizard Shaman and the Kraken.
  • Special donor gear in a custom shop with enhanced stats.
  • 100 donor points is rewarded for each $1 donated which can be spent in the in-game donator store for unique rares.
  • Special Donator rank on the forums and access the donor chat area

    All donations will be invested into the server and keeping it running! :)



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